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Corporate Innovation Leaders are responsible for both next quarter’s results and long-term business growth. One of the key challenges facing these leaders is how to fuel the pipeline with high value opportunities that meet business goals and address unmet consumer/patient needs.

At Quaestio GP, we share the enthusiasm of corporate innovation leaders and offer them unique proven tools for fueling the pipeline with new products and technologies. We champion our clients’ efforts to accelerate business growth by facilitating culture changes towards:

  1. Open Innovation

  2. Global Technology Scouting

  3. Technology Intelligence

Quaestio GP’s unique offerings help Corporate Innovation Leaders within the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries to: 

  1. Define business needs surrounding novel products/ technologies

  2. Leverage Quaestio GP’s extensive global network

  3. Discover and screen mutually beneficial strategic partnerships

  4. Negotiate win-win collaboration deals

Leveraging our proven 4D Process for Accelerating Innovation and utilizing our extensive global network we will help you to deliver sustainable growth and repeatable success.  Quaestio GP services empower Innovation Leaders to strengthen their R&D capabilities by connecting to global technology resources in order to identify novel product and technology opportunities to accelerate the new product development cycle and reduce R&D risk.

In short, Quaestio GP helps you reach beyond

your organization’s borders.

Corporate Innovation Leaders

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