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At Quaestio GP, when we say ‘yes, we’ve actually done it’ we’re not just talking about our work with clients. We’re talking about real-life experience in Corporate Innovation Leadership and repeated success in establishing partnership with global innovation providers.

Utilizing the power of our processes and leveraging our extensive global network we identified, screened and offered our clients best-match product and technology opportunities. Some examples include:

  1. Identified and acquired a product from an ex-US partner for a top 5 global healthcare company -- the first-generation opportunity is being commercialized globally

  1. Identified new anti-aging actives to expand consumer benefits and revive the image of a therapeutic skin care consumer brand

  1. Initiated an Open Innovation program for a leading global cosmetics company

  1. Identified and secured a partnership with an ex-US partner to acquire a unique formulation and topical delivery system for a Fortune 200 consumer healthcare global client

  2. Secured a partnership between a drug delivery start-up and global pharmaceutical company

  1. Performed global technology scouting trips in advanced technology markets to identify product and technology candidates -- several of the identified opportunities are being commercialized