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Quaestio GP’s 4D Process is proven to help Corporate Innovation Leaders to accelerate innovation and capitalize on new business opportunities to achieve sustainable growth by identifying emerging products and technologies and connecting the organization’s internal resources to external global technology providers.

Identification of such external opportunities address the unmet needs of consumers/ patients and provides resolutions to R&D challenges, which would be highly time-consuming if developed internally. The 4D Process is designed to address the needs of Corporate Innovation Leaders by connecting their internal R&D resources with the best global innovation providers and by identifying:

  1. Qualified external new product opportunities

  2. Enabling technologies that bring value-added benefits

  3. New ventures and white space opportunities

  4. Technology trends and competitive threats

  5. Potential disruptive technologies that could impact market share

Quaestio GP’s 4D Process is designed specifically to facilitate the acquisition of external products and technologies to drive innovation and accelerate business growth.

Utilizing our 4D Process for Accelerating Innovation, Quaestio GP fuels the pipeline by:

  1. Identifying external growth goals

  2. Developing Target Opportunity Profiles (TOPs)

  3. Establishing and executing scouting and outreach plans

  4. Screening, evaluating and recommending qualified candidates

  5. Securing strategic partnerships

Each of the four steps guides Corporate Innovation Leaders to articulate external goals, search the globe for novel opportunities, and secure the best candidates

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