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Quaestio GP offers a Global Technology Scouting (GTS) program that is specifically tailored to each client’s needs and aimed at continually searching and monitoring global technology sources to identify best-in-class products/ technologies.   We utilize our global network to reach out to technology providers; identify and screen potential partners; and then conduct initial evaluation of potential candidates to qualify selected opportunities.

Our Global Technology Scouting (GTS) program capitalizes on two approaches:

Knowledge and Data Mining

Utilizing our global network, we use a variety of primary sources worldwide, including interviews with industry experts and key-opinion leaders, to understand technology trends, market drivers and the competitive landscape. Secondary research, including review of internet databases and specific proprietary databases, will also play a key role.

Technology Scouting Trips

Technology Scouting Trips (TST) is a unique approach that Quaestio GP offers to clients who have very specific unmet needs. Once the need has been identified, we activate our global network to identify specific technology sources and, with the help of local Quaestio GP affiliates on the ground, we organize and attend meetings with potential partners, assess opportunities and provide final recommendations. Quaestio GP has successfully conducted dozens of Technology Scouting Trips in Europe, Asia, Russia and the Middle East.

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