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Within the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries, Quaestio GP partners with Inventors and Entrepreneurs at start-up companies and research institutes to advance the commercial and scientific value of their intellectual property through establishing strategic partnerships, with innovation seekers, that offer deeper financial and R&D resources to accelerate their commercialization plans.

Quaestio GP’s unique offerings help innovation providers through the entire Partnership Lifecycle:

  1. Partnership  Roadmap

  2. Partnership Creation

  3. Partnership Management

At Quaestio GP, we are dedicated to providing concierge service to our Inventor and Entrepreneur clients by focusing on their needs and customizing the appropriate program to deliver success.  We help our clients to realize the inclusive value of their ideas and to set and execute commercialization plans through initiating and creating partnerships. We navigate our clients through the entire Partnership Lifecycle by leveraging our proven C3 Process for Exponential Growth and utilizing our extensive global network to identify, screen and secure strategic partnerships.

In short, we help you translate your inventions into

real business opportunities

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